Klim Krios Karbon Adventure Helmet

All aboard the KLIM KRIOS train! 

Several months ago, I had the opportunity to meet one of the KLIM Regional Managers who happened to be at my local dealership (EuroCycles Of Tampa Bay). After checking out some of the new products coming in, I was asked about providing my input on a review regarding the new helmet they would be releasing soon. 

Of course, I said I would be glad to, but did I actually think I would receive the helmet? Eh… 50/50. However, true to their word, the UPS man arrived a few weeks later and left a brand new Klim Krios Karbon helmet at my door. 


After unboxing the helmet and looking over the features, I turned to my wife and told her to go pack for a camping trip! 


My initial impressions of this helmet was that it’s super light, looks awesome, and has an easily interchangeable face shield. Included inside the box was the dark tinted shield.

We packed the R1200GSA and headed north to Helen, GA, through Deal’s Gap, around to Gatlinburg, TN and finally had to head back down south to Florida. I acquired approximately 1400 miles in total with the Krios and my longest day was roughly 550 miles, not to mention we were two-up. 

img_4707 img_4709

With this helmet only weighing approximately 3.25 lbs, and being almost a pound lighter then my older helmet (Shoei Hornet X2), it was a considerably noticeable difference. In the past, due to a old injury, I would feel neck and shoulder fatigue within an hour or so of riding. Not the case with the Krios. Its low weight and well thought out peak design helps eliminate excess pulling from wind and diverts it to the open cutouts which in turn, either force air into the helmet for ventilation or create a stabilizer as it passes to the rear spoiler.


If I could change two things, it would be to add a windscreen opening on the right side, and to be able to raise the windscreen just a crack to add additional venting when in serious humidity.

All in all, I think this helmet was well thought out, looks good, and priced very reasonable at $549.99, which is well below what I believe it could sell for. 

They have a transition lens as an option, and the ability to equip a Sena 10U headset, which is made specifically for the Krios. Currently two color schemes are available including, Element Matte White and Stealth Matte Black. Klim will be soon releasing several other color options which look pretty awesome! 

I want to give a big thanks to Dustin and the staff at KLIM for making this happen!


If you have further questions about the Krios, hit me up! Until next time…



Krios enjoying the view.


Our waiter liked the helmet so much, he moved the table over just to sit it on top!

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