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Hello fellow Adventurers!


So a few months back, I saw an ad come across my Facebook feed for Wilcox Boots with a nice picture of mud, dirt, and the great outdoors! I decided to click on the ad and within a week found a pair at my door step.




The company was originally a Kickstarter design which I thought was pretty cool. What really caught my interest in purchasing these was the well done company video, expressing the quality, handmade workmanship, and “Made in North America” brand.


I was in the need for a good pair of American-made leather boots and these looked like they would fit the bill. The price was on the high end at $190.00, plus shipping, but I decided to take the plunge.


I now emphasize “Made in NORTH America” because I misunderstood the video by assuming the boots are made in the good ole’ USA. I later found out the footbed was made in Connecticut and the boots were made in Mexico.


Initially, I was pretty upset and almost sent the boots back because I really wanted to support the American workforce. However, I decided to put them on and was instantly blown away by the glove like feel on the interior and comfort of the footbed. They come pre-waxed which aids in the waterproofness and smooth finish.




I have since spent many days and long hours in these boots, which included roughly 10 hours straight walking around the 2016 AIMExpo. I can say these are the most comfortable boots I have ever owned. The quality and workmanship is second to none. With new designs and colors coming out, I know these will not be my last pair!



Relaxing after a long day at the AIMExpo!


In the end, I’m extremely happy with my purchase and highly recommend them for anyone looking for a great all around boot!


Below is a link to the site and they have provided a coupon code “2wheeladv”  for 25% off.


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