Cool Camping Gear By Trekology

Today, I am going to cover some great products from a company you might not have known about. The company’s name is Trekology, and they supply a wide selection of economical gear for camping, hiking, motorcycling, and pretty much anything outdoors.

Now when I use the term “economical,” it does not mean that the products are of poor quality. It is the exact opposite. I have found that sometimes you can have your cake and eat it too.

While on my Alaskan adventure, I brought along several items from the Trekology catalog, including: the folding compact camp chair, ultralight camping table, friendly tent light, mosquito repellent bracelets, and my favorite, the compact inflating pillow.

The folding chair comes with its own carry bag, and is small enough to pack inside a pannier. When opened, you have the ability to adjust the seating height of the chair from legs that collapse inside themselves to conserve on storage. This helps increase your comfort quite a bit.

The ultralight camping table is just how it sounds, “ultralight.” This also comes with a storage bag, which the unit sits inside. The condensed size was extremely small and manageable on top of my pannier system. When camping, it was a great table to eat from and use for my laptop.

I can see where they get the name from with regards to the “friendly tent light.” It’s extremely small, easy to charge via a USB connection, and can last a very long time depending on your light intensity setting.

Something else I packed for my group was a bunch of mosquito repellent bracelets. We have all heard the stories of the Alaskan mosquitos from hell. So bringing these along just sounded like a good idea on top of our other bug sprays. At first, the group was a bit skeptical that the bracelets would work. But once they put them on, you could tell a definite difference. Some of us decided to wear them as headbands. Now by no means is this a replacement for spray while in a deeply infested mosquito territory, but it is a great addition to your bag for camping or other outdoor event.

My absolute favorite thing was the compact inflating pillow. The size is so small that you don’t even know its around. You can pretty much store it anywhere, and when you need it, it blows up in seconds. What I found really great about this pillow vs. many others I own, was the size and overall comfort. I could never really get a good night’s sleep with some of the other big named brands. This design conforms to your neck, providing support to much needed areas, whether you’re a back sleeper or a side sleeper. I used a shirt as a pillowcase to give it that home-y feel.

Sometimes, we tend see the most expensive, well-known name and buy their products instead of shopping around. I hope those reading this article give Trekology a try, and see for yourself that sometimes you can get great gear for a fraction of the cost.

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