Tobacco Motorwear Company

Jeans… everyone has at least one pair, right? We wear them to go out, perhaps work around the yard, and some of us wear them while riding a motorcycle. 

I, like many of you, have been collecting jeans for years and have acquired too many to count, with the constant need to replace them after a few months (or maybe I’m just too rough on them and unreasonably expect them to last).

When I was younger, my go to jeans were the tried and true Levi’s, but as I got older, like a fine wine, my tastes evolved and I began to prefer a more comfortable and ultimately, more expensive pair of jeans. For an avid motorcyclist, this caused two major issues. 

The first issue, and probably the most important, was the safety aspect of riding a motorcycle and the risk I was taking by only wearing jeans for leg protection. This was definitely not a smart idea, as denim will shred and disappear within seconds of a slide, leaving you unprotected, naked, and in a ton of pain.

The second issue I found was that I would spend $100-150 dollars on name-brand jeans just to see them wear out and need replacement. Thank goodness I never went down on my motorcycle while wearing my name-brand jeans considering that they fell apart with normal wear and tear. I would have had zero protection and might as well been riding pants-less.

To resolve these two issues, I searched for and found a more reliable option. Please allow me to introduce the Tobacco Motorwear Company (TMC). 

Tobacco Motorwear Company started as a kickstarter campaign, which has proven to be very successful and I can see why. They added internal protection to a classic pair of jeans!

What makes TMC different from other denim companies is that they use raw selvedge denim for long lasting durability and added a Dupont Kevlar lining for slide protection. The TMC jeans have a comfortable, modern, straight-leg fit, which over time form to your body and allow the unique characteristics of your style to shine through.

If the selvedge denim and Dupont Kevlar weren’t enough to get you excited, the attention to detail on the stitching, such as the handle bar going across the two back pockets, subtle accents, and the unique buttons, are awesome touches in my opinion.

Did I mention that they are made in the USA?! Unlike so many other companies which outsource their work, TMC continues to support the American workforce. 

Alright, let’s talk cost. The current pricing is $359.00. Before you panic, let’s think about what you’re investing in: 

  1. A safer pair of riding jeans that look good to boot.
  2. Jeans that won’t wear out anytime soon.
  3. Supporting the American workforce.

The staff at TMC have posted some pretty awesome videos of them testing the jeans’ ability to withstand the abrasion and heat from asphalt slides. Check out this YouTube video for more:

My personal experience with the TMC crew has been fantastic! Since acquiring a pair of their jeans at the 2018 Aim Expo in Las Vegas, I’ve put many hours and miles on them. For starters, I tried them on at the Expo and didn’t take them off for two days… literally two days. After trying them on, I didn’t want to go back to my not-so-lucky jeans, which I had brought along with me. I headed to the airport after the Expo and my flight was delayed until the next morning. This meant that I slept in the airport in, you guessed it, my new jeans. Initially, you will find them to be tough, but as they break in, they become extremely comfortable and you won’t want to wear another pair of jeans ever again. I found them comfortable in temperature ranges from 50-80 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Keep in mind that the idea behind these jeans is for them to look like ordinary jeans with added protection for if that “oh-shit” moment happens. They are not meant to replace your long distance touring gear that’s outfitted with armor.

So, if you want to stop buying jeans yearly, have a safer option, and enjoy riding in style, slip these jeans on and get your ride on!

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